Approximately two months ago we announced the first round of product design contests (chair, lamp, sofa and workstation) and received an incredible number of applications – 105 designs coming from 76 designers!


Together with the help of our 18 judges (executives from furniture distribution companies) from 10 different countries, our team narrowed down the selection to 26 designers that we invited to an interview. All these designers are now officially members of HOIOOOD – this means that they have access to mentors and can present any product design ideas (at any time, without applying to an official contest) or join one of the existing projects at HOIOOOD. You can see their submitted design-ideas in the gallery below. Soon, we will also publish their full portfolios as part of the database of designers.


For each contest, we (the HOIOOOD team, together with our international guests and the manufacturers that sponsor the contest) selected one official winner. The winners were not selected solely on their design proposals, but also their ability and capacity to start working and to fully dedicate themselves to developing the product. In other words, there were many wonderful designs whose designers simply cannot allocate the necessary time to begin product development at this point.


At this point it is also important to note that, as said earlier, all selected designs will undergo certain changes and adaptations during their development in our Open Design Studio. Our team is fully confident that each of the selected designs will, with our help, be successfully turned into a ready-to-sell product, even if that means having to be (drastically) changed and adapted in the process.


And finally – the winners of the first four contests, that at this moment will receive a prize of 300 EUR and an opportunity to develop their prototype in our Open Design Studio in Vizbegovo are:



Chair design contest winner: Antonio Stankovik







Lamp design contest winner: Katerina Trpkovska







Sofa design contest winner: Sonja Jankovik







Workstation design contest winner: Dea Beatovik





In addition to the winners noted above, below is the narrowed-down list of the top 20-something designs:



Chair design finalists:


Andrej Klincharov





Antonio Anchevski





Darko Lazarevski





Dragan Petrov





Ema Velkovska





Emilija Kolevska





Zvonko Vugreshek





Kristina Chachovska





Petar Avramovski





Frosina Madjovska





Lamp design finalists:


Ljupcho Vrchkovski





Borko Hadjievski





Dejan Atanasovski





Dragan Jordanov





Monika Tanushevska





Natasha Antevska





Nikola Kungulovski






Nina Nineska






Simona Tasevska





Filip Zlatkovski





Sofa design finalists:


Aleksandra Topalovska





Ivana Gjorgoska





Workstation design finalists:


Vladimir Ristevski





We’d like to once again thank all of you who took the time to apply to our contests. We never expected to receive such an amazing turnout. And some good news for those who didn’t make the first deadline, didn’t make the cut or simply would like to apply again – this Monday, 17.07.2017, we will be announcing the second round of contests. This time we ask for your creative solutions for a coffee table, a pillow and “the thing” (which is basically something we all need, but never thought of designing it). Stay tuned for more info.