Remember that time you got a design idea that could perhaps change everyday life as we know it and the furthest it got was your unamazed friend over breakfast?


Most designers never get to see their designs come to life. When asked to define Design, none else but Charles Eames said that “Design is a plan for arranging elements to accomplish a particular purpose”. We couldn’t agree more. For us, there is not much value to design that doesn’t serve a purpose – never gets produced, bought and used.


That’s exactly why we created House of Thousand Designers (HOIOOOD).


Inspired by all the remarkable creatives in need of that small push to turn their ideas into real products, we created a platform that will work with local and regional designers and help them grow their product designs into businesses.


HOIOOOD is, in a sense, a design incubator that’s open to not only experienced designers and architects, but passionate amateurs, enthusiastic students and all inventive individuals that take their pleasure seriously. The concept was born in the offices of Feydom – a 10 year old Macedonian furniture manufacturer with sales in over 30 countries. HOIOOOD will connect Feydom’s global ecosystem of experts, manufacturers and distributors with local designers in an effort to help them realize their ideas into products. This, as a concept and project, is something that has not previously existed (at least not in this form) in Macedonia or the broader Balkan region.


HOIOOOD Open Design Studio (Vizbegovo, Macedonia)

How does it work?


The HOIOOD product design process starts off with competitive contests. Every few months we will host contests supported by different manufacturers. The first round of contests, which was closed on June 25th 2017, was supported by four companies: Feydom with a sofa contestLira with a lamp contestMahagoni with a chair contest, and a new solid wood furniture company called Coyaconeya with a workstation contest. Interested individuals can visit our contests page to learn more and apply.


Once an idea passes the contest stage, the selected designers join our Open Design Studio (located in Vizbegovo) where together with other experienced designers and exerts they will improve, model and prototype their designs. Once the design is complete, our Business Accelerator will help them create a strategy for positioning the product on the market. Eventually, together, we will figure out where and how to manufacture the product, how to distribute it, and how to sell it. The unique part of all this, in comparison to traditional design contests, is that in this case, the designer will remain the rightful owner of the intellectual property rights forever and will receive lifetime royalties of all sales.


We are very excited to finally launch this long-planned project. We want to thank our partners IME, which is partially responsible for financing the project, and Reborn, which is supporting the project as a creative and marketing agency. We look forward to all your design and really hope that the efforts of HOIOOOD will have a significant impact on the future of our local creative community.