STUDENT'S SPACE - Short letters to Little Hope

How Little Hope become inspiration for creating small student rooms

Hi my name is Nadica, in English that means “Little hope”. That’s right, hope to get close to my family and friends. Before three years ago, I came to study psychology in Berlin-Germany far away from my family from Skopje… Continue Reading →


Chosen finalists of the last 4 contests

In the last round of contests, opened 3 months ago, we received more than 180 applications!   With that number of applications, choosing winners is a serious challenge. But, same as last time, the 18 members of the jury from… Continue Reading →


Meet the 4 Winners of Our First Design Contests

Although there will be many more HOIOOOD contests in the future, we’re especially excited to introduce you to the winners of the first round – the initial group of designers that recently joined us in our Open Design Studio.   Back… Continue Reading →


We Talked to Zoran and Filimena Radonjanin, the Couple Behind HOIOOOD

Zoran and Filimena have an incredible track record of developing successful projects.   Their most popular project is one we are sure most Macedonian families, especially young ones, are familiar with – the modular and transformable sofa systems, FEYDOM, that have been around since 2006…. Continue Reading →

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