STUDENT'S SPACE - Short letters to Little Hope

Two different worlds – same room

Hi Little Hope! I’m Ivana – Industrial designer and also a Project Manager at HO1000D and I’m Frosina – third year student at Faculty of Technology & Metallurgy in Skopje. Believe it or not, we are SISTERS, and we have two… Continue Reading →

STUDENT'S SPACE - Short letters to Little Hope

Could this room hold three of me? The Videographer, the Friend, and the Dreamer.

One picture is worth 1000 words while a one minute video is worth 1440 pictures.

STUDENT'S SPACE - Short letters to Little Hope

How to put a 3.6m long designer sofa in a 12m2 student room?

The only law you have to obey in interior design is the law of GRAVITY, everything else is matter of choice.


With HOIOOOD, You Can Turn Your Product Design into a Business

Remember that time you got a design idea that could perhaps change everyday life as we know it and the furthest it got was your unamazed friend over breakfast?   Most designers never get to see their designs come to life. When asked… Continue Reading →

STUDENT'S SPACE - Short letters to Little Hope

Could The Space become more adventurous with one Armchair?

Hello Little Hope, My name is Аna, student of Interior design and this is my vision of a perfect students space:   


Find your Freedom campaign

One of our campaigns is “Find your freedom – find Feydom”. Everyone of us can choose a sofa who is suitable for the person’s character and space. Sofa that can emphasize the personality and bring comfort, liberty, values and joy with… Continue Reading →


Meet the 4 Winners of Our First Design Contests

Although there will be many more HOIOOOD contests in the future, we’re especially excited to introduce you to the winners of the first round – the initial group of designers that recently joined us in our Open Design Studio.   Back… Continue Reading →


4 New Furniture Design Contests Launched

We recently closed our first round of product design contests. Today, we are launching 4 new ones.   In the first round of contests (chair, lamp, sofa and workstation) we received over 100 design proposals. It wasn’t easy, but we… Continue Reading →


Here Are The Winners of the First HOIOOOD Contests

Approximately two months ago we announced the first round of product design contests (chair, lamp, sofa and workstation) and received an incredible number of applications – 105 designs coming from 76 designers!   Together with the help of our 18… Continue Reading →

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