HOIOOOD has initiated the “New Age Miracle Forest” project, and the countdown for planting has begun.

In collaboration with the company FEYDOM CONCEPT from Novi Sad, Serbia, and the Paulownia institute from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, at present 6,500 Paulownia tree saplings are growing in an incubator. The saplings will then be planted on a 10 hectare field in eastern Vojvodina this spring. Over the next 8 years, new Paulownia saplings will be planted each year in two locations in Serbia and Macedonia which in total is an area of 150 hectares.

Growing Paulownia plants

It is planned for the plantations to have the capacity for producing approximately 10,000 m3 of certified wood material per year for future use in furniture production.

Paulownia is a unique product of nature. It is a tree of miracles, having absorbed the past of many cultures. Among the main characteristics of the tree light, robust, almost impermeable wood, which, moreover, has high acoustic properties are outlined. These advantages open up a broad range of application for this tree: paulownia is used in the production of biofuels, pulp, finishing materials, furniture and parquet. Surfboards, skis and snowboards, musical instruments, cases and pallets for transportations are made out of it. People build sea vessels and boats, saunas and bathhouses, use it in auto- and aircraft construction.

Piece of wood from the Paulownia tree

Paulownia trees are able to clean and regenerate the contaminated soils and groundwater. Due to this fact, they are often planted on river and reservoir banks, into which industrial effluents drain. Extraordinary qualities of Paulownia, such as unpretentiousness, rapid growth, big leaves, beautiful crown and abundant blossoming make it exceptionally suitable for urban greening and implementing the project to offset the ecological footprint of the industrial enterprises.
The biomass of this miracle tree contains about 20% of proteins, thanks to this fact it can be used as incorporation into pet food, in manufacture of the protein concentrate and premixes. Another scope of application of Paulownia is the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Skin care products, antibacterial ointments, creams are made from the flowers, leaves, roots and fruits of the tree.