German Design Award Winner CLOOODS 2020

The CLOOODS sofa system, an Iconic Awards 2019 Innovative Interior Winner and a German Innovation Award 2019 Winner, is now also a German Design Award 2020 Winner. These three awards make the model CLOOODS, which was developed last year in the HO1000D centre, FEYDOM’s most awarded sofa system yet.

FEYDOM’s principles revolve around a constant need for change and improvement, and the CLOOODS sofa system offers an innovative and sustainable solution to the growing desire in all of us to change our space.

Recognized for innovation, the sofa system is a German Design Award 2020 Winner for “Excellent Product Design” in Furniture.

The statement of the German Design Award 2020 jury is “The sofa system comprising of just three seating elements offers a variety of possibilities for individual arrangement. In addition to armchair and sofa, entire seating ensembles can be created, with a simple elegance and offering a high degree of comfort while sitting and reclining.”

The awards ceremony for the German Design Awards is yet to be held on the 7th of February, 2020 in Frankfurt.

The design studio developed the CLOOODS sofa system as a start to the project 0/48 which is supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development. The project aims to create a production line with 0 reclamations and 48 hour delivery suited for the European market, using innovation in product design as a key factor.