Foooxs is the outcome of a thesis assignement of our Belgian design intern, Wietse Bonnaerens. The challenge was to design a sofa that could be packed and shipped as compactly as possible. The dimensions were fixed at 60x60x120cm.

By storing the backrest in the hollow part of the seats we save a lot of space. In this way we can make 3 separate seat elements. On top of that there is also room for a footstool. This allows us to pack a full sofa in a very limited volume with a comfortable seat for 4 people.

Discover everything about foooxs and Wietse in the interview below.

Let’s make the most compact sofa in the world

Design Belgian trainee on his way to the Venice Biennale
Compact design sofa showcases at leading art event

Wietse Bonnaerens (21) conquers the international design scene with the compact and modular design sofa FOOOXS. He designed it during his internship abroad in Skopje and the piece will be on display in the Macedonian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019.

Modular and compact

The last year’s Product Design student at Howest has been doing an internship at the Feydom furniture company for two months now: “The challenge was to design a sofa that would fit in a 60x60x120 cm box. A project that is in line with the company’s philosophy and style in terms of design,” says Bonnaerens. “This makes it economically and ecologically interesting to ship.”

The chair has been designed in such a way that it can be built up in 3 minutes and broken down in 3 minutes. “You don’t even need any screws. Just fasten the legs and the chair is assembled. Moreover, you can position the chair in 7 different combinations. With the modules you can quickly convert it from a three-seater sofa to separate armchairs or any other arrangement.”


Founders Filimena and Zoran Radonjanin also had Wietse come up with the name for the design chair himself. “It became FOOOXS for several reasons. The three ‘OOO’s stand for The House of Thousand designers (1000), the internal design studio of Feydom. The XS for Extra Small, due to its small dimensions. And ‘fox’ by Reynaert De Vos, a local tale. It is nice that the Waasland, and in particular Lokeren, gets a reference in this way. The fourth reference is to my ginger hair colour”, laughs Bonnaerens.

“Anyone can place the sofa, but at receptions, fairs or in smaller apartments it is useful to place the FOOOXS. We are looking into making the chair waterproof, so that it can also stand outside.”

Biennale and budget

The prototype of the seat will be exhibited at the leading Venice Biennale from 11 May to 24 November 2019 in the Macedonia Pavilion at Palazzo Rota Ivancich, Castello 4421. “The Biennale is a fantastic experience. It will also be a great recognition if people have the seat in their living room,” says Bonnaerens.

FOOOXS is not yet for sale, but production is planned for autumn. “We are still looking for a distributor for Belgium. If you want a seat at the moment, please send an e-mail directly to Feydom”, the Howest student explains. The exact price is not yet known, but it will be budget-friendly.

Ecological business philosophy

The student felt attracted to doing an internship at the Macedonian company by their philosophy. “They are very transparent and sustainable in their functioning. Next year the production will be completely solar powered. In addition, they have recently started planting 10 hectares of trees every year, producing with sustainable wood from trees they plant themselves”, quotes Bonnaerens as examples.