The first ever Macedonian product design platform, House of Thousand Designers (HOIOOOD), launched its first four furniture design contests: chair, lamp, sofa and workstation.


Each of these four contests, which will be active until June 25 2017, is supported by a local furniture company – FEYDOM will support the contest for sofa design, LIRA the contest for lamp design, Mahogany chair design, and Coyaconeya workstation design.


All interested are welcome to apply – not only experienced designers and architects, but all passionate amateurs, students and enthusiasts. Once a design idea is approved by the jury of HOIOOOD, the designer will have the opportunity to further develop their product in the Open Design Studio, together with a carefully selected team of experts.





The whole process of product development ends by launching the product on the market with a suitable marketing strategy. And best of all, the designer gets to keep the intellectual property rights of their product.


The project, lead by FEYDOM and partially financially supported by the IME (Increasing Market Employability) program, acts as a design incubator that will provide all interested designers with the necessary support to launch their product on the market.