This project, initiated and managed by designers, will introduce a new, innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way to produce furniture made out of wood.

As a material, wood has been the basis of the furniture and home decoration industries since the beginning of civilization. Therefore, it is not strange to see that many designers around the world have incorporated it into their work.

Coyaconeya is a company initiated by the need of a manufacturing plant which can be focused on experimenting with completely new designs. For some time, HOIOOOD has been in a search of a manufacturer who would invest in innovation and be able to organize a high quality production plant to create original solid wood products.
As an answer to the question“Who will make this kind of factory?”, designer Filimena Radonjanin answered “Koj ako ne ja”. Translated into English that means: “Who if not me?”. Her answer therefore became the name of the company COYACONEYA.

The first phase of building the 4000m2 production plant will start this year in the industrial zone Vizbegovo, located near Skopje. The manufacturing process of the wooden parts and accessories for the furniture will start at the beginning of 2019.
In the first phase of development, the production line will be manufacturing wooden parts for local producers of upholstered furniture, enabling them to have fast delivery for custom designed quality products.

Further into development, the production line will be working on the creation of solid wood designer furniture products.

Xcentric table – the first product designed in Coyaconeya

In the second phase, a space of approximately 700m2 will be equipped with the tools required for a prototype workshop for new design projects.
The workshop will be open to many local and international designers, offering them excellent conditions for turning their ideas into finished products.

A solar power plant will be installed on the rooftop of the new factory with the capacity to produce enough electricity to completely sustain the production line.

Simultaneously with development of the production line, the company will be investing in an 80 ha Paulownia tree plantation (another HOIOOOD project). Further stressing the plan of making the project completely sustainable and environmental friendly. Easy access to high quality wood for an affordable price will have a positive impact on the local furniture industry.