Get Ready to Leave the City: The Forest Box Update

We now have a real life Forest Box prototype right outside of our office! (just without the forest) The Forest Box is one of the projects taken up by the House of Thousand Designers team intended for outdoor use. It… Continue Reading →


Paks 1 & Paks 2

Living room shelter for your furry roommates ABOUT Up-cycling wood cut-offs and textile from our factory has long been our aspiration. Therefore, utilizing the materials that would otherwise go to waste by creating products instead, is an idea that has… Continue Reading →



Foooxs is the outcome of a thesis assignement of our Belgian design intern, Wietse Bonnaerens. The challenge was to design a sofa that could be packed and shipped as compactly as possible. The dimensions were fixed at 60x60x120cm. By storing… Continue Reading →


Black Forest Box – Coming soon

The first images of “BLACK FOREST BOX” are finally coming out of the product development studio at HOIOOOD. The new project, developed in corporation with Architectural Design team STUDIOOO, is a 6 m long, 2.5 m wide and 2.9 m… Continue Reading →


Coyaconeya (who if not me?)

This project, initiated and managed by designers, will introduce a new, innovative, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way to produce furniture made out of wood. As a material, wood has been the basis of the furniture and home decoration industries since… Continue Reading →


New Age Miracle Forest – Paulownia tree plantation

HOIOOOD has initiated the “New Age Miracle Forest” project, and the countdown for planting has begun. In collaboration with the company FEYDOM CONCEPT from Novi Sad, Serbia, and the Paulownia institute from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, at present 6,500 Paulownia tree saplings… Continue Reading →


Feydom Designer App

In 2017, together with the team of PRIM3D, a mobile application was developed under the name of FEYDOM DESIGNER. The software allows customers to design their own FEYDOM sofa according to the dimensions of their room, their needs and their… Continue Reading →


Fern 2014

Several companies in Europe working together as a Designer Furniture Distribution network. Exclusive distributors have been established in Bulgaria, Croatia, The Czech Republic, Germany, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. The network consists of 17 Monobrand stores and distributes… Continue Reading →


Feydom Furniture

Company founded in 2005 for manufacturing of originally designed upholstered furniture Trying to find a solution for furniture that would adapt to the ‘never-sit-still’ pace of modern life, designers developed an innovative concept of transformable and modular products. The concept… Continue Reading →


Feydom Collective

The franchise business model Following the rapid success in sales of FEYDOM products thanks to the establishment of a network of Monobrand FEYDOM shops in Bulgaria, local distributors together with brand owners decided to establish a franchise business model for… Continue Reading →

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