It took us 10 years to develop a designer oriented business model and prove that it works. The results of this effort are a few startups developing in fast growing companies in different parts of Europe. They are producing, promoting and distributing originally designed innovative products for the furniture industry. We believe this is just the beginning of one global success story.

It took us another 3 years to build a place that can inspire, host and develop the most precious asset on the planet – educated and skilled creative young people who are capable of managing the capacities and resources of the industry.

In the years to come we will work to achieve our next goal:

The goal:

To organize a community of 1OOO Designers, who will successfully develop 1OO Products in the following 1OO Months.

Who are we?

HO1OOOD is a self-sustaining, non-profit initiative aimed at providing the conditions and organized working structure for the development of a community of creative people who can successfully initiate and manage innovative projects by using all the resources that local industry has to offer. Focused on innovation and the use of sustainable resources in the furniture industry, the members will be encouraged to set a successful example and generate a clear vision of immense possibilities of the industry. The success of this project will initiate a serious positive economic and cultural impact on society as well.

Our working principles

    • Self sustainable non profit organization
    • Total Corporate Transparency
    • Accountability
  • Open allocation of projects and resources

Our focus

  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental sustainability

Our mission

For the sake of a better tomorrow, creative and innovative people must learn how to responsibly manage the capacities and resources of the industry, so that one day they can take over the leading roles in the society. For the sake of our children, we will work hard and do our best to make it possible.

Our structure

Our team

Zoran | Founder

Filimena | Founder

Kristijan | Project Manager

Ivana | Project Manager

Ana | Architect

Ana | Photographer

Stojmir | I.T.

Nenad | I.T.