Once again, the FEYDOM design studio has proven its capacity for simple innovative solutions in product development by winning the “German Innovation Award 2019” in the category “Excellence in Business to Consumer”

On May 28th this year, the German Design Council ceremoniously granted the 2019 awards for innovation in Berlin. FEYDOM, with the newest transformable sofa set model CLOOODS, was placed among world famous mega-brands such as SAMSUNG, OSRAM, THULE, HYMER, and others on the list of awardees of the “German Innovation Award 2019 WINNER.”

The model is the first from the series of the project 0/48, supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development which aims to develop a new innovative production line for originally designed furniture initially produced for the European market.

FEYDOM products have received multiple awards of a similar rank which count as some of the most prestigious in the world for design and innovation:

2012 Interior Innovation Award Winner
2013 German Design Award Nominee
2014 Interior Innovation Award Selection
2016 Iconic Awards Interior innovation Selection
2017 German Design Award Special

As well as the latest:
2019 Iconic Awards Interior Innovation Winner
2019 German Design Award Winner
2020 German Design Award Nominee

The awards and nominations are granted by the German Design Council as recognition of exceptionally innovative products, which according to the jury “shape the future and improve life.” The recognizable award vignettes is perhaps one of the reasons how FEYDOM and their “Boutique factory of 100 people” successfully compete in the European market with their innovative and original products.