We recently closed our first round of product design contests. Today, we are launching 4 new ones.


In the first round of contests (chair, lamp, sofa and workstation) we received over 100 design proposals. It wasn’t easy, but we had to decide on only one winner for each of them – Antonio Stankovik (chair design), Katerina Trpkovska (lamp design), Sonja Jankovik (sofa design) and Dea Beatovik (workstation design).


Now, we’d like to announce 3 brand new contests that will be active until 1 October, 2017. This time, we are looking for design solutions for: cushion/pillow, coffee table, and “the thing” (an unspecified piece of furniture that has never been invented before). In addition to these 3 new contests, we will continue to accept applications for the two-seater sofa contest which makes for a total of 4 active contests. For more information, please visit our contests section.





We’d like to highlight the cushion/pillow contest as its focus is on the exterior design of the cushion, i.e. the decorative cover, which can be a pattern, an illustration, a graphic solution, or a specific material. This means that all creatives (especially graphic designers) are a good fit for this contest and are invited to apply.


The contest for “the thing”, is another one that gives designers great liberty since we’re looking for an unspecified piece of furniture that has never been invented before, and that will make all our lives simpler. This can be anything from an innovative magazine rack to an practical shoe storage solution.


We encourage all interested creatives to apply, not only experienced designers and architects, but all passionate amateurs, students and enthusiasts. Once a design idea is approved by the jury of HOIOOOD, the designer will receive an award of 300 EUR and will have the opportunity to further develop their product in our Open Design Studio together with a carefully selected team of experts. The whole process of product development ends by launching the branded product on the market with a suitable marketing strategy. And best of all, the designer gets to keep the intellectual property of their product and receive lifetime royalties from its sales.


The project House of 1000 Designers (lead by FEYDOM and partially financially supported by the Swiss Program for Increasing Market Employability – IME) acts as a design incubator that will provide all interested designers with the necessary knowledge and experience to launch their products on the market.